Paul O’Dwyer is an established immigration attorney with over twenty years’ experience in all aspects of immigration law.  He has litigated many complex asylum and removal cases in immigration courts and in federal courts, including TRIG and CARRP terrorism and national security cases, and has also represented employers and individuals in a variety of employment-based immigration cases.  He has a significant family immigration practice, with a heavy emphasis on LGBT cases. He also practices family and matrimonial law, and general civil litigation.   In 2012 he won a $1.2 million verdict against his client’s former immigration lawyer, one of the highest verdicts ever issued in an immigration malpractice case.

Mr. O’Dwyer’s immigration cases have led to a number of important federal court decisions, including the right to file a late motion to reopen based on ineffective assistance of counsel (2005), the right to have a naturalization case heard in federal court if DHS does not issue a decision within the required time (2009), the standards to be applied to motions to reopen asylum cases based on changed country conditions (2010, 2014), the right to an adjournment of a removal case while waiting for a visa petition to be approved (2010), and the standard to be applied to claims of legal malpractice in immigration cases in New York State (2014).   In addition, he won agreement from the government to vacate a finding that a Nepalese asylum seeker had provided material support to a terrorist organization (2015), successfully obtained reopening of a hearing for a torture claim for a former child soldier and gang member from El Salvador (2014) and got approval of delayed adjustment of status applications filed by asylee nationals of particular Middle Eastern countries (2015) (with co-counsel Law Offices of Ally Bolour,, and forced USCIS to reverse an earlier decision and recognize educational and professional qualifications for EB-2 classification of an employment-based visa petition, without a formal university degree (2014).  Mr. O’Dwyer currently represents over 40 asylum applicants in a proposed class-action lawsuit now pending in US District Court in Brooklyn, New York, challenging the chronic asylum delays at the asylum offices.

Mr. O’Dwyer is a graduate of the National University of Ireland and the Honorable Society of Kings’ Inns, Dublin. He was admitted to practice in New York State in 1990, and since then to numerous Federal Courts of Appeals and District Courts nationwide. Mr. O’Dwyer is a former chair of the AILA National Refugee and Asylum liaison committee, a member of the New York City Bar Association Committee on Immigration and Nationality Law, and is a regular writer and speaker on panels and seminars on immigration law. He is also Special Counsel on immigration matters to the Disciplinary Committee of the Appellate Division, Supreme Court, First Judicial Department, and has been consistently voted a “SuperLawyer” and one of the top immigration lawyers in the New York metropolitan area.